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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


CALL Acadian A.C.LLC for all your air conditioning needs. with the temperature extremes of louisisana the A.C. has to work at optimal performance to keep our houses cool, usually it is the outside compressor unit that wears out after about 7 yrs in this extreme heat, it removes heat by circulating freon through the evaporator core in the house then when it gets back to compressor it is removed in the condensor of outside unit and you can feel this in the form of the hot air blowing out of it.
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Free inspection and estimate of your system, if it is low on freon, then the source of the leak must be found with leak detection or it will continue happening when you least want it like in the middle of the hottest part of day!
Acadian .A.C.L.L.C. For all your air conditioning repairs,air conditioning leaks, air conditioning duct work repairs. Leaks in the air conditioning duct work can also be a major factor of loosing air conditioning efficiency in the form of wasted money and inadequate cooling.
Call Acadian A.C.L.L.C. For all your air conditioning inspection, air conditioning leak detection, air conditioning compressor recharge,and attic inspection of air conditioning duct work.
Digital Thermostats can save you money by setting the time of your a.c. to your life schedule, for instance if you usually get home at 6pm you can program your a.c. to go from 78 degrees to 76 degrees starting at 5.30 so that when you get home it will be comfortable and saving you money!